About Us

Vista on 5th believes that seniors of all income groups have the right to a dignified home as New Yorkers. This means a life where they are not institutionalized or numbered, but instead, live lives as individuals within a senior community as expressive as New York.

Featured in Assisted Living Magazine as one of the best communities in New York.

Our Conviction

Vista on 5th believes in something different: Seniors of all stripes and incomes deserve to live their senior years in an environment where they’re taken care of in a way that allows them to express themselves.

Just the Right Support

Think of walking with a senior on your arm. You want them to be able to stride with dignity. So, you give them just enough support — facilitating their dignity and freedom as you support them. This is what we believe in. We listen to the individuals who live here, so they receive the support they need while expressing themselves in the fullest.

In our iconic location looking out over Fifth Avenue and the Harlem Meer, a block from the intersection of Duke Ellington Circle and Tito Puente Way, we set a standard for the way it should be - to be a senior at home in New York. A senior does not need to leave the great potpourri. Seniors here get to stay in the shared streets where you can run into someone entirely unlike you, from another walk of life.

What Sets Us Apart

Our assisted living apartments reflect the essence of New York City. In an era when senior life is too often split between the gated and impersonal, Vista on 5th celebrates bridges between socioeconomic groups, a community of individuals, and attentive care.

Vista on 5th is the place where independence is supported by attentive care, and senior citizens are celebrated through vibrant living. We can do this because of the attention we give to each resident’s voice within a community reflective of the remarkable mosaic that is New York City.

The staff at Vista on 5th listens to residents and provides the support residents need to live like New Yorkers. We offer a beautiful space adjacent to Central Park for seniors to live in the great vital stream that is the city — not just in New York, but as New Yorkers while receiving the care and support they need to remain safe and healthy. At the Center, seniors live the active lives New Yorkers are accustomed to while surrounded by people committed to their safety, well-being, and fulfillment.

Vista on 5th
Vista on 5th

Celebrating Your Individuality

We do not say this lightly: it reflects our deeply held belief about what it means to begin the next chapter of your story. We believe that everyone comes with a story, with a unique background, with a different way of thinking, and with personal beliefs. It’s our responsibility to invite you into our community in a way that honors your story and weaves it into our community. This is your home, and all of our staff are guests in your home. We are here to attend to you in all of your individuality - and we’ll never forget that.

Meet Our Team

Vista on 5th

Nicole F. Atanasio, MS, RN-BC

President and CEO

Ms. Atanasio is a Board Certified Registered Nurse. She holds an AAS in Nursing from Catholic Medical Center, Queens, NY; a BS in Community Health & Human Services from St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, NY; and earned her MS in Healthcare Informatics from Walden University, Minneapolis, MN. She also has an extensive nursing background in Cardiac and Home Health Care, and has been serving the community in many different nursing roles, including supervisory and administrative positions for over 20 years. Prior to joining the Vista On 5th, Ms. Atanasio served as the Director of Patient Services for a newly formed Certified Home Health Agency for Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY. Previously, Ms. Atanasio served as the Clinical Director for Intake at the VNSNY, as well as many other home care and hospital capacities.

Vista on 5th

Amanda Garcia, MHA

Vice President of Operations

Ms. Garcia joined the Vista on 5th team in 2014 and has spent the last 6 years in various Administrative Professional roles. Ms. Garcia has a background in management in healthcare and holds a BS in Management from the University of Phoenix as well as an MS in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix.